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The waterproofing solution you select must meet the demands of your specification without compromise–season after season, year after year. What's more, the company behind that solution must have a track record of reliability and quality, proven on buildings like yours in your local climate. K D Aher Building Systems design the system to precisely fit your local needs. With more than 30 years of waterproofing experience on buildings of all types and many diverse climates K D Aher is the leader in the Waterproofing technology.

If you value what takes place inside your building, introduce yourself to a company with a passion for what protects it.

KD Aher is your source for waterproofing peace of mind.

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Water proofing At K D AHER, we understand that one of the
major challenges for designers, engineers and
construction companies alike is to protect

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Repair & Restoration As part of K. D. Aher's philosophy to be a
one-stop solution provider for all the civil
engineering problems of its clients.

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Insulation Polyurethane Foam Insulation technology
offers asset protection. Often a major concern
to an organization is ensuring that your plant

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